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We are looking for
entrepreneurial spirits, KLM employees, startups, KLM pioneers
that can help us transform for the future.


We are digital innovators, Dutch pioneers at heart.

— We are

the oldest operating airline in the world, but don’t let that fool you. We want to become the most customer-centric, innovative, and efficient airline in Europe.

Nothing great is ever done alone, that is why we need your help. We are looking for new ways of thinking; ways that can make the difference for KLM.
To kickstart your creative engine, think about new technologies or digital solutions that might have the ability to open new doors.

So if you have a game-changing idea and the time to bring it to life, pitch it to us. Because, together we can bring it to the next level.


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Topics that have our attention:

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Finding stuff

We are spending a lot of time searching for equipment, baggage and even each other…. On top of that information is not always easy to find. We are aiming to get the right people, at the right place, at the right time. Do you want to help us in this challenge?

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Better serve our customers

One of our main goals is to become the most customer-centric European airline, so you can imagine that we really want to stand-out in this area. You can help us by identifying how we can offer both a seamless and effortless experience or what the best way is to turn an unhappy experience into a happy one.

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Everything we do is a team effort, but the ugly truth is that we are a big company and sometimes we fall back into our old silo-way-of-thinking. We want to work on empowering our people, supporting self-steering teams and creating a culture of transparency and trust.

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Make daily life easier

We took a good look in the mirror and realized that the way we organized some things might not be that efficient. Being our own critic, we can do better in creating a hassle-free work environment for our employees. We would love to get your input on topics like digital services, situational awareness or visual support. Or anything related to making daily life easier of course.

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